The new mixed-model scheme, which has become law, will consist of both elective and compulsory activities. The elective component will remain largely the same as it is at present, while the new compulsory parts will include reading the Codewords e-magazine and completing on the job learning activities.
“The review and implementation has been conducted to improve the current skills maintenance system with a view to making it more relevant and meaningful for participants. A comprehensive package of guidance will be provided by the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment (MBIE) to support understanding of the new requirements,” says Paul Hobbs Registrar, Building Practitioners Licensing at the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment (MBIE).
“Codewords will focus on keeping LBPs up-to-date with important regulatory and technical changes in the sector. The on-job-learning part of the scheme will focus on harnessing naturally occurring learning that happens in a LBPs day-to-day work.”

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This is by no means the only way to achieve On-the-Job Learning, but is one example of how it can be applied.


• Peer review of another LBP’s design
• Research a new building product or method of construction
• Implement a learning from a product tutorial
• Complete a Record of Work or Certificate of Design to record a learning outcome (in relation to a new product or building method)
• Designing or building an Alternative Solution
• Third-party observation of your work e.g. engineer, council inspection
• Evidence of applying a legal test e.g. section 67, 75, 112, 115 of the Building Act.
“The new model includes changes to the auditing and monitoring of LBP performance, which will provide a higher level of assurance that LBPs are meeting their skills maintenance requirements,” says Mr Hobbs.
The new requirements are accessible for all LBPs regardless of geographic location and licence class. LBPs will continue their current skills maintenance cycle with no changes, and when they reach the renewal date for their licence they will ‘time in’ to the new requirements for subsequent cycles.

In launching the new scheme, MBIE, has designed a new look and feel, which includes adopting a suite of icons for each of the seven licence classes.

License Types