Building Business Back Issues

With 6 issues a year of Building Business you can rely on ITM to keep you up to date on the latest news from your building supplies specialist.

Building Business is also a key part of maintaining your Licensed Building Practitioner Skills Maintenance requirement.

As you know 1 hour of skills maintenance is worth 1 LBP point and with you requiring 24 points over a 2 year period, Building Business can help contribute significantly towards your annual skills maintenance.

Recent Issues

Each issue is made available online as a viewable magazine. You can read it by clicking here.

To download a copy for your archives and for your LPB Skills Maintenance programme just click on the covers below. 

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BB75 - Oct 2017


BB74 - Aug 2017


BB73 - June 2017


BB72 - Apr 2017


BB71 - Feb 2017


BB70 - Dec 2016


BB69 - Oct 2016


BB68 - August 2016


BB67 - June 2016


BB66 - April 2016


BB65 - Feb 2016



BB64 - Dec 2015



BB63 - Oct 2015


BB62 - Aug 2015


BB61 - June 2015


BB60 - April 2015


BB59 - Feb 2015


BB58 - Dec 2014


BB57 - Oct 2014


BB56 - August 2014


BB55 - June 2014


BB54 - April 2014


BB53: Feb 2014



BB52 - December 2013

Building Business 52 - December 2013

BB51 - October 2013

Building Business 50 - August 2013

BB50 - August 2013

Building Business 50 - August 2013

BB49 - June 2013


BB48: April 2013


All Building Business Issues!

Click here or on the image below to download the last 11 issues of Building Business from April 2011 through to February 2013.

The PDF file is 45MB so may take a couple of minutes to complete.

There are 233 pages so this is a huge amount of information.

 Building Business Issues - 2011 - 2012


All 6 Issues from 2012

Click here or on the image below to download all 6 Issues from 2012.

 Building Business 2012 Issues


4 Issues from 2011

Click here or on the image below to download all 4 Issues from 2011.

Building Business 2011 Issues


Record of Skills Maintenance

If required you want to be able to prove all of your skills maintenance activities over the last couple of years. ITM has made this as easy as possible with our Points Tracker which is included in all ITM Trade Diaries, as well as available online by clicking here. ITM also made a set of folders to hold a year's worth of Building Business issues. These were made available in store. If you did not get a copy of this click here to request one.

We recommend keeping the hard copy of each issue of Building Business so if required you can prove your skills maintenance activities associated with this.

However if you have missed an issue or had one of your colleagues steal your copy we are making all back issues of Building Business available here.