Legasea ITM

ITM is proud to support LegaSea as they stand up for New Zealand's future fishing interests. 

Like you ITM wants to see a sustainable future for fishing in New Zealand. ITM has supported Matt Watson and the ITM Fishing Show for over 10 years and his passion for fishing has rubbed off.

Matt is an Ambassador for LegaSea and has always been committed to sustainable fishing practices - avoiding waste and utilising catch and release methods wherever possible. This can be seen in practice at the ITM Fishing Competition event which is all based on fish measurements - not fish weights - with an emphasis on taking photos of your catch before releasing it. 

We want to help LegaSea get their important message out there and seen by as many people as possible. There are a number of programmes that they are currently working on which we think you will be interested in.

LegaSea – Fish For the People

LegaSea campaigns to raise awareness about marine fisheries issues, behaviours and decisions that can impact on the public’s ability to enjoy a healthy, plentiful and accessible coastal marine environment. The objective is to achieve better fisheries management where the value of our sea life is not determined by how many more of our fish can be bulk harvested and sold for profit, but what it means to conserve and enhance it for the benefit of the people of New Zealand, now and into the future. Through education, behaviour modification, protection and respectful utilisation, LegaSea strives to achieve a better outcome for our social, cultural and economic wellbeing.

Building Legasea

Building LegaSea

Building LegaSea offers a common commitment, for construction industry leaders to support LegaSea’s work in defending the New Zealand public’s right to see plentiful, healthy and accessible fish life around our coastal waters. By being part of Building LegaSea you will add funding support and networking power to a belief that we can achieve a public friendly fisheries management system.

If you want to help LegaSea rebuild our fisheries. Give them a hand here.

LegaSea Campaigns

Time out for Tarakihi

The Crayfish Crisis



ITM in the community with LegaSea

To help spread the word around New Zealand about how important it is for us to rebuild our inshore fisheries ITM and LegaSea have developed the ITM LegaSea Sea Wall as a great way for the public to show their support to this massive building project. At major events throughout the country LegaSea and ITM set up a sea wall to allow people to buy a fish (for a small donation), sign it and stick it on the wall. It is an engaging and theatrical way for the public to play their part in rebuilding our fisheries even if it’s just one fish at a time. Over the past few years 1000’s of fish have been contributed to the sea wall representing 1000’s of individuals and families in our communities.

 Legasea Seawall


Free Fish Heads

Thousands of kiwi fishers dump their unwanted fish heads and fish frames – thousands of kiwi’s would love to eat fresh fish heads and frames.

So this service is to put the two groups together, reduce waste and conserve fish.

It’s simple click on either the “I Have” or “I Want” buttons to receive or donate fish heads.

I have fish heads I want fish heads

 Or to learn more, check out the philosophy page or watch the video below.