Apprentice Pack

ITM and ITAB with the support of our supplier network are proud to be able to offer 1st Year ITAB Apprentices a free ITM Apprentice Pack.

Do you qualify for a Free ITM Apprentice Pack?

If you're an apprentice (or have an apprentice), who is currently enrolled in the first year of the ITAB programme, then the answer is probably yes. 

Filled with some of the highest quality tools of the trade from major brands, these free packs will even make the old hands on site green with envy. 

To check if you qualify you need to contact the ITAB National Support Office.

ITAB Support Office Contact Details:

You can contact them on 0800 ITABUILD (482284) or by email

Once confirmed ITM will arrange to get a pack to your local ITM store and contact you to come in and collect it.