ITM are backing Emirates Team New Zealand

ITM first exclusive supplier to Emirates Team New Zealand for 2021 America’s Cup defence

ITM is now an Exclusive Supplier to Emirates Team New Zealand in the lead up to the America’s Cup Defence in 2021.

Like ITM, Emirates Team New Zealand really embodies a combination of determination and Kiwi ingenuity. They’ve demonstrated their commitment to fostering home-grown talent and their down-to-earth approach and number eight wire attitude is revolutionary compared to other teams relying on deep pockets. Their roll up your sleeves and get on with it attitude really embodies the ITM values.

Emirates Team New Zealand Boat

As a business which prides itself on local ownership, a sense of community, and loyalty, we’re excited to be supporting the team on their America’s Cup mission which will once again see New Zealand on a world stage.

In addition to the partnership, ITM is also responsible for providing the building materials the team are using at their new base near the Viaduct Events Centre in the heart of the America’s Cup village. Materials are also being used at the team’s North Shore site in Auckland where they have begun to build their own America’s Cup boats - a first in the history of the syndicate.

Emirates Team New Zealand CEO, Grant Dalton, says: “ITM started as a business from just a small group who believed in the potential of a collective effort, this really reflects our own values and we’re thrilled to have their support as we embark on our next campaign. We are passionate about what we do for New Zealand and with the support of ITM stores up and down the country, we’re looking forward to sharing our journey with more kiwis through this partnership.”

This partnership will see ITM support the team right through their defence of the 36th America’s Cup during the next regatta. With support of ITM stores up and down the country, we’re looking forward to sharing this journey with our customers.

Emirates Team New Zealand Boat