ITM Supports Big Buddy


Big Buddy is a charitable organisation matching young fatherless boys with adult male mentors. Since gaining official status as a charity in 2003, they have matched close to 800 boys with mentors. Over 500 of these are long-term matches, meaning they last more than a year. Many in the Big Buddy community say these bonds last a lifetime.

Big Buddy began teaming up with ITM when the Big Buddy Big Auction project began in 2016. The charitable house-build project was an open-ended collaboration between GJ Gardner Homes and ITM, as well as a host of trade and material suppliers that generously came and aboard when called. The sale of those houses netted Big Buddy over $300,000 to run a service that finds good-hearted male mentors for boys without dads in their lives. In just a few hours each weekend boys grow in confidence and mums say they as “smile more!” The programme runs in Auckland, Wellington and Waikato and is always grateful to anyone who donates or steps up for the next generation through mentoring.

Eugene and James

Eugene and James (Little Buddy), winners of a Big Buddy treasure hunt car rally


Big Buddy signs fatherless boys up to their mentoring programme between 7 and 14 years of age, and many Big and Little Buddies stay friends for a lifetime. This means they need plenty to do for a few hours each weekend. What better way to spend a day together than a free pass to the motorsport at Pukekohe or Hampton Downs? While Big Buddy prides itself on a programme that brings out confidence and happiness in our boys, they’re equally thrilled to see the men that give up their time with big smiles on their faces. These exciting experiences create great memories and ITM is pleased to offer the chance to Big Buddy several times a year. 

Chris & Bailey at Hampton Downs

Colin and Nic

Colin and Nic (Little Buddy) at Pukekohe


ITM Fishing Show’s Matt Watson is a very busy man. But he’s made himself available to take Big Buddy raffle ticket winners out on the water, and appeared at Big Buddy/ ITM events to show his support. Matt says he is very aware of the value of fathering and understands how important it is for boys to share time with a good male role model. Fishing is one of the best ways to achieve this of course and ITM is pleased to extend their influence this far for Big Buddy. For the last two years ITM has donated significant space to Big Buddy at the annual Field Days event at Waikato’s Mystery Creek. This is a great space for the charity to grow awareness on the programme in Waikato – their newest region- as well as the rest of New Zealand. 
Andrew and Cyril
Waikato Coordinator Andrew McFadden and long-time mentor Cyril Wright

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