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Understanding The Building Act

Understanding The Building Act

Knowing your obligations under the Building Act is critical for all builders and subbies. 

Our series of 9 videos takes you through the key areas. You can learn more here

1. Checklist

It is compulsory to provide a checklist to your clients. Find out more about it in this short video.

2. Disclosure Statement

Providing a disclosure statement to clients is mandatory. Find out about why you need to provide a disclosure statement and what you can do with it.

3. Contracts

A contract is a legal requirement for all residential building work over $30,000 including GST, and work undertaken by sub-contractors.

4. Consents & Licenses

It is always important to have the correct consents and licenses before getting started on a project.

5. Contract Variations

It is important to document any variations to the main building contract, in writing, in order to make them enforceable.

6. Record of Work

All residential projects need a record of building work. The council needs a copy, the client needs a copy and you need a copy.

7. Maintenance Schedule

At the end of a build, builders must provide information on insurances and maintenance in relation to materials and products used in the project.

8. Fixing Defects

A defect repair period of 12 months applies to all residential building work regardless of price. Find out about what your responsibilities are in this short video.

9. Do Your Homework

MBIE.govt.nz has all the latest news and publications that will help you understand the Building Act.