ITM VR Fishing Game

Let’s GO FISH!

ITM developed a VR Game and gave away thousands of VR Headsets. 

If you are still keen to play the ITM GO Fish game - it is available on both the app stores. 

The competition is finished and there are no longer headsets or prizes available but there are still plenty of fish in the sea! 


The game is now available!

You can download the ITM: GO FISH app now on both Apple and Google

Apple StoreGoogle Play


Once you have downloaded the game and registered you are ready to play.

You do not need to use the controllers that came with your headset - everything is controlled based on where you are looking. 

You start above the water. First you need to tag a fish.

  1. Look at the down arrow to go under water
  2. Look for the fish you want to tag
  3. Keep looking at the fish until it is tagged (you will see it highlighted)
  4. Look at the UP arrow to go above the water
  5. Look at the tagged fish swimming under the water to cast your line at it
  6. Keep looking at the fish as you reel it in
  7. If you are successful you will catch the fish and can keep fishing
  8. If you are not then you need to go under water and tag another fish
  9. Check the leaderboard to see how you are ranked

GO FISH Leaderboard