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What is a Plasterboard Ready Site?


GIB® Delivered to Site (DTS) orders will not be delivered if the site is not plasterboard ready, so what makes a 'Plasterboard Ready Site'?

For a GIB Delivered to Site delivery, the site needs to be ready to accept plasterboard.

For interior plasterboard deliveries, this means:
- The roof is installed, and the building is weatherproof (i.e. closed in) so that the GIB® plasterboard can be kept dry and fully protected from the weather.
- The site has clear and unobstructed access to the plasterboard drop points.
- The floor area where the plasterboard is to be stored is clear, dry and free of obstacles.

For exterior product deliveries, this means:
- The floor slab is complete.
- The framing has arrived on-site.
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Because of obstacles in the doorway and on the floor this site is not ready for plasterboard delivery.

What if the site is not 'Plasterboard Ready'?
Winstone Wallboards recognises that many factors are currently impacting construction programmes,including extended supplier lead times. These factors can make scheduling plasterboard DTS deliverydates highly challenging.

If you become aware that your site will not be ready for the scheduled DTS delivery, don't hesitate to get in touch with ITM or your local Winstone Wallboards area sales manager as soon as possible. You can reschedule the delivery to a more suitable date.

Go to 'Ordering and Delivery' on the GIB® website www.gib.co.nz for further information.

DTS Pre Delivery Site Checks
Sites scheduled for a DTS delivery may require a pre-delivery site inspection performed by one of Winstone Wallboards experienced team members.

This service is free and typically occurs around five working days before the scheduled DTS delivery date.

The free inspection checks your site is ready to accept a plasterboard delivery and helps avoid costly delays.

After the inspection Winstone Wallboards will also advise customers on the most efficient delivery service for their specific site ahead of time.